Slavic Languages and Literatures | History of Polish Literature and Culture (The Twentieth Century)
P364 | 28502 | Beinek

This course presents irreverent, excessive, shocking - written, drawn,
and photographed - ideas of Polish Modernists (Schulz, Gombrowicz, and
Witkacy); diverse, personal, and bone-chilling literary accounts of
World War II experience in verse (Baczynski, Milosz, and Swir) and
prose (Nalkowska and Krall); engaged, veiled, and/or explicit
responses to the communist reality of 1945-89 (Mrozek, Baranczak,
Krynicki, and Lipska); thought-provoking, challenging, and complex
autobiographies of leading Polish intellectuals (Milosz and
Gombrowicz); lyrical poetry of rare beauty by Milosz, Szymborska,
Zagajewski, Herbert, and Rozewicz; and contemporary prose which
appeared between the fall of communism in 1989 and the turn of the
20th and 21st centuries (Chwin, Stasiuk, Tokarczuk, and Maslowska).
All readings in English.