Slavic Languages and Literatures | Intro to Ukrainian Culture
U223 | 16949 | Chernishenko

This course is designed to introduce students to the fascinating
world of Ukrainian culture, from the earliest records of Herodotus
regarding the Scythians, through Kyivan Rus with its glittering
Byzantine connections, to the present day. Throughout, we will
examine the many cultural forces that have helped to create Ukraine:
history, literature, art, cinema, folklore, music, current events,
modern pop culture, all the myriad facets of Ukrainian culture that
shape modern Ukraine. And we’ll explore how to read wax shapes
(fortune-telling), what visual poetry means, the best (and most
outrageous) contributions to contemporary music, cartoons and
Ukrainian satire—these are a sampling of the course’s moments. All
required texts are in English. No knowledge of Ukrainian is

Above class open to undergraduates only
Above class carries Culture Studies credit
Above class carries COLL A & H distribution credit
Above class meets second eight weeks only