Telecommunications | Seminar in Media and Society
T195 | 28822 | Deuze, M

Topic: Managing Media Careers

11:15am-12:30pm T,R

T195 Managing Creative Careers is a course intended for students
across campus who are thinking about or passionately pursuing a
career in the media. Those careers include, but are not limited to:
advertising, marketing communications, public relations, journalism,
motion picture and television production, fashion design, (new
media) art, computer and video game development, as well as music
industry jobs such as recording artist, label or A&R (artist and
repertoire) manager.

In this course we will go deep inside the organizations across the
creative industries. Our perspective will be that of the people
working in this industry: how do they solve everyday dilemmas at
work? How do they organize the production process? How do they stay
commercially relevant but remain creatively autonomous at the same
time? How do they manage their careers?

Students are not just expected to understand the ways in which media
organizations function and media careers are made. A significant
part of the grading in this course will be based on your ability to
come up with new and innovative ways to think about future
strategies for media professionals and organizations. The readings
for this course focus on academic and trade publications in the area
of media production and management, including weblogs such as I Want
Media (all media industry news), Deadline Hollywood Daily (film),
Gamasutra (digital games), Buzzmachine (journalism), and We Are
Listening (music industry).

This course counts toward Social and Historical Studies distribution
requirements in the College of Arts and Sciences. It may, or may
not, also count toward other degree requirements. For more
information about which requirements this course could fulfill see
the College of Arts and Sciences Bulletin at If you have
questions, or need additional help, see your academic advisor.