Telecommunications | Topical Seminar in Design & Production
T452 | 13692 | Kelly, S

T452 Topical Seminar in Design and Production: 3D Production
Workshop Mondays 5:30-10:30 Mondays

Course Description
This course investigates the difficulties and benefits to presenting
visual information through digital stereoscopic 3D. By creating
three 3D short films, students will experience all stages of the
production process as they relate to 3D visual storytelling: story
development, pre-production, visual aesthetics, using depth,
production, post-production, editing, display technologies, using 3D
glasses, the past and current history of 3D, and the potential role
of 3D in the future.

Course Objectives
The primary objectives of this course are to introduce students to
the unique technological and aesthetic benefits of 3D stereoscopic
storytelling and to provide students the opportunity to create
original 3D content.

To this end we will:

* Study the history of 3D movies
* Study how 3D movies are created and shown across platforms
* Plan and develop pre-production materials best suited for a 3D
* Examine how to use existing technology to produce 3D content
* Produce original 3D content
* Edit 3D material on a NLE system
* Identify, and develop a vocabulary for, the best practices for
* Critique 3D projects in terms of best practices

Student Learning
By the end of the course, students will be able to articulate an
informed critique of the best practices in 3D visual storytelling
and be able to differentiate best practices for 3D storytelling from
those that better serve 2D storytelling. Students will be able to
apply their knowledge of the unique technological and aesthetic
components of 3D storytelling to their own future projects and have
a well developed process for making informed choices throughout a 3D
project: from story development, to the final cut, to the screening

50 % Three completed 3D shorts projects
25 % Quizzes over lecture content and the readings
25 % Homework and quality of participation

Required Books and Readings
3D Movie Making by Bernard Mendiburu
Visual Story: Creating the Visual Structure of Film, TV and Digital
Media by Bruce Block Foundations of the Stereoscopic Cinema by Lenny
Lipton (PDF) Creative COW: Stereoscopic 3D forum (website)

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