Telecommunications | Projects in Game Design
T460 | 15612 | Castronova, E

This course is the projects course for the Certificate in Game
Studies offered by the Telecommunications Department. In order to
get the Certificate, you must take this course and successfully
complete the project. The project is usually a video game but we
could do a different kind of game depending on what the students
want. We meet once a week to design, prototype, test, build, and
finally release a complete and polished game. We then publicize this
game and try to raise visibility for our group as a team. The only
way to get a job these days is to have experience doing completed,
finished, polished media projects, so our objective is to help
students who want to work in the game industry to get a completed
game in their portfolio. If you cannot make the scheduled time but
still need to take the course, contact the instructor. Because this
is a workshop course, alternate times and work schedules can be

Class meets 1:00-3:30 M.

To see which requirements, in the College of Arts and Sciences, this
course will fulfill consult the College Bulletin at If you have
questions, or need additional help, see your academic advisor