Telecommunications | Telecommunications Theory
T503 | 10987 | Grabe, M

T503, a required course for first year Telecommunications graduate
students, offers an opportunity to explore the theory making process
and to become acquainted with media scholarship.  It is an overview
course, designed to cover large terrain.  Toward this end, T503
deals with social scientific and humanistic theories central to
media research. The first part of the course reviews the process of
theory building, including the ontological and epistemological
underpinnings of different kinds of inquiry, and some of the nuts
and bolts of how we generate knowledge. The remainder of the course
focuses on the history of our discipline and specific theories and
areas of research that are prominent in our field. Even in a young
discipline like ours, a single class cannot cover all that is
important.  This seminar is designed to (a) secure a foundation for
graduate-level thinking about media theory, and (b) encourage future
inquiries into how humans live with media.