Telecommunications | Legal Environment of Telecommunications
T530 | 28536 | McGregor, M

Course Objectives
This course is designed to further your understanding of major
current events and issues in telecommunications policy, develop an
appreciation for the many viewpoints from which these topics can be
studied, and strengthen your ability to perceive, research, and
understand such issues.  By studying these topics, the process of
telecommunications policy making also will be addressed.  Because
much of the work for this course involves the use of primary legal
materials, students will also learn basic legal research techniques.

By the end of the semester, students successfully completing the
course should be conversant with a broad range of contemporary
telecommunications policy issues, should be familiar with many of
the more important scholarly contributions to these issues, and
should have a firm grasp of the telecommunications policy-making
process and its participants.  Additionally, students should have
completed a high-quality research paper which can be submitted for
presentation at a major research conference.

Pool, Technologies of Freedom, Belknap Press, 1983
Various primary legal documents and journal articles
Benton Foundation communication headlines service

Course format
A combination of lecture, discussion, and seminar.

Students will be assessed based on their performance on writing
several brief analyses of journal articles, a major research paper,
and a final examination.