Telecommunications | The Networked Society
T610 | 28539 | Sawhney,H

In this seminar we will examine the rise of the network
configuration as the distinctive signature of our times, by engaging
questions such as:  Why was the industrial age marked by
hierarchical structures?  Why are we now seeing the transformation
of hierarchical structures into flatter networks?  We will start by
considering the socio-economic context of these transformations.  We
will then examine the flattening of the socio-technical systems that
undergird the networked society.  Thereafter we will look at the
modalities of coordination and control in networked organizations,
cities, and societies. We will approach these issues via readings
from diverse disciplines -- economics, political science, public
affairs, cultural geography, regional planning, cultural studies,
history, information science, education, and communications.  You
are most welcome to make your own contribution to the brew!