Aerospace Studies | Introduction to the Air Force Today
A101 | ALL | Nichols

Description.  AS 100 is a survey course designed to introduce
students to the United States Air Force and Air Force Reserve Officer
Training Corps.  Featured topics include: mission and organization of
the Air Force, officership and professionalism, military customs and
courtesies, Air Force officer opportunities, and an introduction to
communication skills.  Leadership Laboratory is mandatory for AFROTC
cadets and complements this course by providing cadets with
followership experiences.

Course Objectives: The AS 100 student should know the organizational
structure of the Air Force, and understand the customs and courtesies
and professional appearance required of an Air Force officer.  The
individual should know the Air Force Core Values and understand the
concepts of professionalism and officership as they apply to the
military along with the opportunities and benefits available to an
Air Force officer.  The individual should demonstrate basic
communicative skills.