Aerospace Studies | Air Force Leadership Studies
A301 | 8541 | Briner

Description.  AS 300 is a study of leadership, management
fundamentals, professional knowledge, Air Force personnel and
evaluation systems, leadership ethics, and communication skills
required of an Air Force junior officer.  Case studies are used to
examine Air Force leadership and management situations as a means of
demonstrating and exercising practical application of the concepts
being studied.  A mandatory Leadership Laboratory complements this
course by providing advanced leadership experiences in officer-type
activities, giving students the opportunity to apply leadership and
management principles of this course.

Course Objectives: The AS 300 cadet should comprehend selected
individual leadership skills and personal strengths and weaknesses as
applied in an Air Force environment.  The individual should
comprehend the responsibility and authority of an Air Force officer,
the Air Force officer's responsibilities in the counseling and
feedback process, and the selected duties and responsibilities as a
subordinate leader.  The individual should comprehend and apply
concepts of ethical behavior as well as comprehend the selected
concepts, principles, and theories of quality in Air Force leadership
and management.  The individual should apply listening, speaking, and
writing skills in Air Force-peculiar formats and situations with
accuracy, clarity, and appropriate style.