Anthropology | Population & Development:Interdisciplinary Debates
E600 | 0463 | Andes

MW 11:15-12:30 Karen Andes, Post-doctoral Fellow in Anthropological Demography
Spring 1999    Office: Student Building 170. Phone: 855-2637.

This course will provide an overview of classical approaches to the
relationship between population, development, and environmental concerns,
and the importance of major demographic processes such as fertility,
mortality, and migration.  Course readings give special attention to
critical interdisciplinary contributions to the literature that focus on
the nature of Demography as a discipline, capitalist and agrarian
development, rural/urban linkages, and the implications of gender and
class for theories on demographic and economic change.  The syllabus has
been designed to focus predominantly on recent contributions to the
theoretical and empirical literature.

Preparation and Participation: Students are expected to come to class
prepared to discuss the assigned readings.  10% of final grade.

Summarizing Readings: Each week, several students will prepare a one-page
summary, critique, and list of discussion questions for one of the
assigned readings.  20% of final grade.

Assignments: Three brief writing assignments (about 3 pages) will be given
in mid-February, mid- March, and mid-April.  15% of final grade - each.

Final Project: Students will prepare a final project, such as a 10-15 page
paper on a particular issue or country/region.  25% of final grade.

Required Texts:
Bandarage, Asoka. 1997. Women, Population and Global Crisis: A
Political-Economic Analysis. London: Zed Books.

Easterlin, Richard. 1996. Growth Triumphant: The Twenty-First Century in
Historical Perspective. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press.

Furedi, Frank. 1997. Population and Development: A Critical Introduction.
New York: St. Martin's Press.

McNicoll, Geoffrey and Mead Cain. 1990. Rural Development and Population:
Institutions and Policy. New York: Oxford University Press. (M&C below)

Lindahl-Kiessling, Kerstin and Hans Landberg. 1997. Population, Economic
Development, and the Environment. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (LK&L

Paerregaard, Karsten. 1997. Linking Separate Worlds: Urban Migrants and
Rural Lives in Peru. Oxford: Berg.

Schneider, Jane C. and Peter T. Schneider. 1996. Festival of the Poor:
Fertility Decline and the Ideology of Class in Sicily: 1860-1980. Tucson:
University of Arizona Press.