Anthropology | African Women
E617 | 0469 | Clark

African women carry heavy, growing responsibilities within their
communities that bring them respect but rarely the resources they need.
Following themes of autonomy and control of social, cultural and economic
resources, we discuss alternatives and radical changes from pre-colonial
to contemporary times and consider their relevance to African and US
development policy, to African feminist concerns and to our own options.
Course requirements:  Three exams: one in class and two taken home.
Graduate students will write a research paper.
Course texts:
M. Jean Hay and Sharon Stichter, eds., African Women South of the Sahara,
2nd edition.
Kathleen Sheldon, ed., Courtyards, Markets and City Streets.
Jean Davison, Voices From Mutira, 2nd edition.
Buchi Emecheta, The Joys of Motherhood.