Anthropology | Sem. in Cultural Ecology: Methods of Population Analysis
E620 | 0470 | Dodds

Course Announcement:

Methods of Population Analysis (ANTH E620 / GRAD G591) Spring 1999, MW
4:00-5:15 PM, Student Building 140

Instructor: Dr. David Dodds, Center for the Study of Institutions,
Population, and Environmental Change

This course teaches methods for analyzing and projecting population
dynamics.  Methods focus on the three main population processes
(mortality, fertility, and migration) and their effects on population size
and age structure.  Particular methods include use of population pyramids,
age standardization, population growth rates, the life table, cohort and
period measures of fertility, and indirect methods useful for analyzing
incomplete or poor data (often common in rural areas of developing

Graded work consists of three types of assignments: weekly exercises
applying methods discussed in class; two exams (midterm and final); and a
short paper employing an advanced estimation method on data from a country
or region of your choice.

Required textbooks are: Yaukey, Demography: The Study of Human Population
(1990); Newell, Methods and Models in Demography (1990); Palmore and
Gardner, Measuring Mortality, Fertility and Natural Increase (1994).
Recommended non-required books are: Smith, Formal Demography (1992);
McDevitt/Census Bureau, World Population Profile (1996).

Enrolling students should have mathematical ability in algebra and
familiarity with Excel (or similar) spreadsheet software.  Please note
this is a graduate level course.  Enrollment authorization is required
through the Anthropology Department: please contact Ms. Connie Adams,