CEUS U112 0712 Kivik

Introductory Estonian II

The course gives a basic knowledge of Estonian pronunciation, grammar (declension of nouns and pronouns, conjugation of verbs, the imperative mood, elementary morphology and syntax), basic conversation, understanding of spoken and written language.

Required Readings:

H. Leberecht. Räägime eesti keelt. Tallinn 1989.

Tere, Eestimaa! An Audiovisual course in Spoken Estonian. Tallinn 1992.

E. Alas. Exploring Estonian. Tallinn 1996.

Recommended Readings:

J. Tuldava. Estonian Textbook. Bloomington 1994.

F. Oinas. Basic Course in Estonian. IU Publications 54.

P. Saagpakk's Estonian - English Dictionary.


-attend and participate actively in the Estonian language sessions;

-take a weekly test in vocabulary and grammar;

-keep a weekly journal.

Grading Criteria:

30% attendance, homework, class participation

20% weekly tests

20% mid-term exam

30% final exam

Days and Time: Daily, 10:10-11:00.