Criminal Justice-coas | Gender and Violence
E104 | 0102 | Beckett

In this course we will explore the ways in which the perpetration,
experience and social response to violence are shaped by cultural
beliefs and practices related to gender.  In particular, we will consider
how gender roles and ideologies shape men and women's willingness to
use violence, and how gender shapes the social and legal response to
violence.  In order to consider theses questions, we will first discuss
what gender is and how it is related to the distribution of power,analyze
traditional and contemporary constructions of masculinity and femininity,
and consider how people internalize, resist and use gender ideologies in
their everyday lives.  Subsequent sections of the course will analyze
how gender shapes the exercise of violence in extra-familial contexts,
violence perpetrated within the family, and male violence against men.
This course will emphasize the development of analytical and critical
thinking skills, which means that you will be challenged to think
independently and question deeply held assumptions.
The exams will consist primarily of essays.  A significant portion of your
grade will be based on your participation in discussion sections and
completion of the writing assignments associated with those
Class Meeting: Two 50-minute lectures and one 50-minute discussion
section each week (TR,11:15-12:05P, MO 007)