Criminal Justice-coas | Theories of Crime and Deviance
P200 | 1378 | Oliver

This course serves as an introduction to theories of criminality and
deviant behavior.  Issues relating to the definition and measurement of
crime will be explored, followed by an examination of the biological,
psychological and sociological theories offered to explain criminality.  The
course will conclude with a discussion of the criminal justice policy
implications which are
derived from the various theories of criminality.
Readings: Adler, Freda "Criminology" New York:  McGraw Hill,
Requirements:  Final grade will be determined on the basis of
two                multiple choice tests
and a final examination.
Class Meeting: Two 50-minute lectures and one 50-minute
discussion section each week
(MW, 12:20-1:10 p.m., WH 100)
Course Will Satisfy:     CJUS core requirement
Course Will Satisfy:     Social/Historical Studies (Social
Inquiry distribution requirement)
Instructor:    Professor William Oliver, Criminal Justice