Criminal Justice-coas | Deviant Images/Deviant Acts
P300 | 1412 | Kane

This course examines the interaction of strange or wrongful acts,
theories of deviance, and mechanisms of social control.  Reading
Stephen Pfohl, we will study the ways in which theories explain
nonconformity and justify social control.  Reading Norval Morris's fictional
case studies,we will analyze contemporary debates in American criminal
justice with a cross-cultural
perspective, focusing particular attention on the ethical dilemmas and
political consequences of interpreting and judging deviant acts.  We will
use this understanding to consider the gap
between the symbolic power of images and the mundane realities of
acts, drawing examples from popular films, news media, and
Required texts:     Stephen Pfohl, 1994. "Images of Deviance
and                     Social Control; A Sociological History"
second edition.  McGraw-Hill.
Norval Morris. 1992.  The Brothel Boy and
Other Parables of the Law.New York: Oxford.

Class Meetings:     Two 75-minute sessions (TR 4:00-5:15P
SB 150)
Instructor:    Professor Stephanie Kane, Criminal Justice Dept.