Criminal Justice-coas | Psychology and the Law
P360 | 1416 | Levesque

This course examines intersections between criminal legal processes
and psychology.  The course begins by examining the place of
psychology in the court system by focusing on the use of
psychological evidence by the judicial system.  The purpose of this
section is to familiarize students with the nature of both psychology and
law as well as how they intersect.  The course then proceeds to survey
the use of psychology throughout the criminal justice system, ranging
from investigation to punishment.  Lastly, the course examines criminal
offending and victimology, with particular focus on detailing the role of
psychology in forming criminal justice policies.
Readings: Lawrence S. Wrightsman et al. "Psychology and the
Legal           System" 1998.
Reading packet

Requirements:  Points toward the final grade will be earned in
the following manner:
Three Exams              300 points

The final exam will not be cumulative; nor will there be a      term
Class Meeting: One 150-minute lecture each week (T, 5:45-8:15P,
CH 001)
Instructor:    Professor Roger Levesque, Criminal Justice