Criminal Justice-coas | Criminal Justice Management
P411 | 1419 | McGarrell

This course deals with the topic of management in bureaucratic
organizations.  We will consider these issues generally and more
specifically in the context of criminal justice organizations.  A
primary focus will be on management theory and the relationship
between management practices and issues such as the satisfaction,
alienation, and effectiveness of employees.  We will also consider
broader issues of organizational effectiveness and the relationship
between the organization and the environment.  More specifically, we
will consider the examples of the community policing movement and
correctional reform, and the issues of internal and external organizational
change that arise.
Readings: Colvin, M.,"The Penitentiary in Crisis"
Osborne, D. and T. Gaebler, "Reinventing Government"
Reading packet
Requirements:  Weekly assignments or quizzes based on the
readings, take-home essays, two research projects                and
regular attendance.
Class Meeting: One 150-minute seminar each week (R,
2:30-5:00P ,                SY 003)
Course Will Satisfy:     CJUS major 400-level requirement
Students have the option oftaking this
course for COAS Intensive Writing Credit
Instructor:    Professor Edmund McGarrell, Criminal Justice