Criminal Justice-coas | Victimization
P444 | 1421 | Chermak

This course provides an overview of criminal victimization.  We examine
the victim's role in the criminal justice system and society.  We discuss
the different factors that influence how we define victimization.  We then
discuss the different sources of victimization, the different impacts that
crime has on its victims, and why the public fears crime.  In addition, we
the victim's role at each stage of the criminal justice process, including
why victims don't report to the police, when they participate in plea
bargaining, when they give impact statements, and their role in parole
decisions.  Finally we discuss how specific groups of victims are treated
within the criminal justice system.  Specifically, we discuss victims of
rape, domestic violence, elder abuse and hate violence.
Readings: To be announced
Requirements:  Students will be required to write several
position papers on a significant issue in                victimization.
Class meeting: One 150-minute seminar each week (R, 5:45 -
8:15P,                SY103)
CJUS Major authorization
Course will satisfy:     COAS Intensive Writing credit
CJUS major 400-level requirement
Instructor:    Professor Steven Chermak, Criminal Justice