Criminal Justice-coas | Seminar on White-Collar Crime
P457 | 1422 | Schlegel

This seminar focuses on the crimes committed by those with political,
economic or social power in the course of their occupations.  Specific
attention is given to crimes committed within organizations, such as
corporations, political organizations or non-profit groups.  The course
begins with a discussion of the meaning of white-collar crime and moves
to consider theories that account for the motivation of white-collar
offenders and the opportunity structures that facilitate offending
behavior.  The second half of the course addresses the social control
mechanisms designed to deter white-collar crime.  Special attention will
be paid to the limitations of the criminal justice system to respond
effectively to this form of crime.
Readings: To be announced
Requirements:  To be announced
Class Meeting: One 150-minute seminar each week (W,
5:45-8:15P,                BH 317)
Course Will Satisfy:     CJUS masters program credit
Instructor:    Professor, Kip Schlegel, Criminal Justice