Criminal Justice-coas | Police/Community Relations
P493 | 1428 | Herbert

The police are an important component of urban life in the United States.  Many citizens see the
police as their protection against fearsome criminals, while others see officers as brutal agents of
an oppressive system.  The goal of this course is to cut through this often volatile debate, and to
develop considered understandings of the nature of the relationship between the police and urban
communities.  The course will consist of three parts. First, we will work to understand the
police's function and organization.  Second, we will examine work that describes and explains
contemporary urban communities.  Finally, we will look at how the police and the community
interact.  We will pay special attention to "community policing", the latest reform movement
sweeping police departments; this represents a deliberate effort to improve police-community
relations, and our task will be to evaluate its chances of success.
Readings: To be announced
Requirements:  Students are expected to attend class, and will be evaluated on their
participation in class discussions.  Students will also write a series of short papers critically
evaluating the readings and discussions.
Class Meeting: One 150-minute seminar each week (W, 2:30-5:00P, WH006)
Instructor:    Professor Steven Herbert, Criminal Justice Department