Criminal Justice-coas | Miscarriages of Justice
P493 | 1430 | Beckett

In this seminar we will analyze a number of (mostly well-known) criminal cases around which
there is significant controversy.  The readings will situate these cases in their historical and social
context and offer various-and sometimes conflicting-interpretations of the trial in question.  In
our meetings, we will analyze the way in which a variety of factors-including race, class, gender,
the media, politics and culture-shaped the outcome of the trial.  We will also discuss the ways in
which our current knowledge about the crime and the trial is shaped by those same factors.
Finally, we will consider the implications of these cases for criminal justice policy-especially the
use of capital punishment.  This seminar will require active involvement and participation.
Grades will be based on this participation and several essay assignments.
Class Meeting: One 150-minute seminar each week (R, 5:45-8:15P, SY 003)
Instructor:    Professor Katherine Beckett, Department of Criminal Justice