Communication And Culture | Globalization of the Media
C202 | 1013 | Curtin

Globalization of the Media will explore the role that media play in
altering our perceptions of space, time, and social identity.  These
changes have been discussed in a number of ways by journalists, scholars,
and policy makers.  For some, the new media environment offers the
exciting prospect of a "global village."  For others, new modes of
communication threaten existing social relations.  T202 will encourage
students to critically examine the ways in which media play a significant
role in modern debates about political power, global economy, and cultural
identity.  It will also examine the relative influences of different
communication technologies as well as explore questions of media
convergence.  As much as possible, this course will focus on contemporary
issues now being debated in government bodies and popular media, such as
the globalization of English, the dominance of Hollywood cinema, the
emergence of regional media markets, the impact of cultural stereotypes,
and the circulation of new images of femininity via satellite television,.
The course will also provide case studies of media in various countries,
including India, Italy, and China.