Communication And Culture | Mass Media and Culture
C551 | 1020 | Curtin

Meets with C601 Introduction to Cultural Studies.

As the title implies, this is an introductory course.  It has no
prerequisites and assumes no prior knowledge of Cultural Studies.  On the
other hand, this seminar is also open to advanced graduate students who
might wish to complement a more narrowly disciplinary approach to Cultural
Studies with a broader survey of the field as a whole.  During the
semester we will examine a wide range of approaches and conceptual
frameworks for the study of culture, which have been roughly organized
into five categories: anthropological, sociological, cultural criticism,
difference/identity, and historical.  Obviously, these categories are both
arbitrary and porous, and students will hopefully begin to notice over the
course of the semester the many linkages between areas and approaches.  By
the end of the semester, class participants should feel more comfortable
both reading across disciplines and engaging colleagues from other
departments in discussions about research in the expansive field of
Cultural Studies.