Communication And Culture | Film History and Theory
C792 | 1023 | Hawkins

Topic: Voyeurism and the Society of the Spectacle

Weds 2-4 pm BH 018
Screenings T 7-11 p.m in BH 330

This is a graduate level class organized around theories and
representations of scopophilia--the urge to gaze. Beginning with
traditional psychoanalytic theories about voyeurism, spectatorship and
"peeping toms," we'll move on to consider the representation of peepers
and stalkers in the cinema; spectatorship and the erotics of looking;
celebrity culture; Real TV and cinema verite; the I-camera and avant-garde
cinema; and camera surveillance.
Theoretically, we'll be looking at the "camera eye;" the nature of
spectator pleasure/identification and the way it connects with larger
social issues like race, gender and sex; the feminist debate over
pornography and eroticism; the Society of the Spectacle; the ethics of
avant-garde practice; and the cultural significance of both surveillance
and celebrity culture.  Films will include popular"voyeur" pics like
Peeping Tom, Rear Window, Monsieur Hire,  and sex, lies and videotape, as
well as documentaries (An American Family, Double Blind, High School ), tv
shows (The Prisoner; Candid Camera; a Frontline special on Paparazzi);
experimental films (David Holzman's Diary , Andy Warhol's Poor Little Rich
Girl ); music videos and feminist "stalker" films like Bette

Work will include one short written assignment, an oral presentation, a
seminar paper, and a final exam.

Guy Debord, Society of the Spectacle
Sophie Calle/Jean Baudrillard, Suite Venitienne/Please Follow Me
Chris Kraus, I Love Dick
John Berger, Ways of Seeing
Michel Foucault, Discipline and Punish
xeroxed selection of essays

Previous media studies experience is helpful, but it's not a prerequisite
for the class. For more information, contact Joan Hawkins (jchawkin).