Communication And Culture | Empirical Research Methods in Speech Communication
S424 | 1110 | Cronkhite

The purpose of this course is to give students the knowledge they need to
critically read the quantitative research in communication.  No statistical
calculation is required.  There will be two multiple-choice/true-false
examinations and a required critique of a quantitative research report.
In-class exercises/activities will include discussion of published
research reports.  Topics to be covered in class lecture and discussion
are:  an overview of empirical research, including definitions and types,
research questions, internal and external validity, operational
definitions of independent and dependent variables, subject selection and
treatment, measurement and observation, mean-median-mode differences and
uses, variance and standard deviation, inferential statistics, measures of
association, and methods of reporting a research study.  In every case the
emphasis will be on the logic involved in the topic, not the calculation.