Communication And Culture | Seminar in Cross Cultural Communication
S727 | 1118 | Calloway-Thomas

Topic: "The Axemaker's Gift?": Global Changes and Intercultural

The purpose of the course is to explore the relationship between global
transformations and intercultural communication.  Specifically, the course
will focus on what do changes in the content, mission, and means of
communication imply for understanding intercultural interactions? Topics
such  as changing cultural rules, language behavior, universal and
particular meanings, immigration, collective solidarities, power,
inequality and conflict, will be examined.  Given the centrality of these
topics, how do they affect the creation and production of messages, and
ways in which individuals interpret symbolic activities?  Finally, the
course will challenge individuals to think anew about the nature of
intercultural communication in a global society as we prepare for the
coming twenty-first century.