9:00-9:55 MWF BH 231 *Carries AHLA Credit* *Humanities Credit for SPEA, Business, Education, etc...* In this course we will focus on the comparative study of popular literary and television genres, including theoretical, historical, and formal contrasts between the literary and television media. We will examine such genres as domestic comedy, soap operas, romance, westerns, sitcoms, science fiction, mysteries, superheroes, commercials, and others. Among the issues to be explored in relation to these genres are: theories of genre; high art vs. low art; ideologies of gender, class, and race; American mythologies; understanding audiences, readership, and spectatorship; issues of production; postmodernism; and adaptation from page to screen (and back). We will also see what various literary and cultural critics have to say about the roles of literature and television in our culture, as well as what literature and television have to say about each other. Requirements: Midterm, final, short paper, and occasional short in-class or take-home assignments. Regular attendance and completion of assigned readings are expected. Occasionally there will be separately scheduled screenings of television shows or films.