N. Majumder 1:00-2:15 TR SY 005 Screenings Tuesday 7:00-10:00 *Carries Cultural Studies and AHLA Credit* As the world's largest film industry, Indian cinema has only recently begun to receive serious scholarly attention. This course will give students an overview of Indian cinema within its historical, cultural, and aesthetic contexts. Students will learn how to analyze Indian films in terms of their formal techniques, narrative conventions, and viewing contexts, as well as in terms of broader cultural issues. These issues will include: "art" vs. commercial cinema; Hollywood's influence; the culture of stardom in India; colonialism and national identity; the representation of history; gender; and cinema's role in popular religion. Weekly screenings will give students a sampling of a representative range of film-making traditions, such as studio-era films, Bombay films, "art" films, the "middle" cinema, documentary films, regional cinema, and diaspora films. Students will not be expected to have any prior knowledge of India or an Indian language. Requirements: Regular attendance of lectures and screenings, two exams, and two short papers (4-6 pages and 8-12 pages long). The first paper will be a short analysis of an assigned film sequence in terms of both its formal elements and its cultural context. The second will be a research paper on a topic to be worked out in individual consultation with the instructor. Students will also be asked to make a short (5 minute) class presentation about their final papers.