1:00-2:15 MW BH 317 *Satisfies COAS Requirements for AHLA* This course deals broadly with the development of narrative texts in the Western tradition from the Greeks to the present. In the first section of the course we will discuss "simple" forms such as myth, fairy tale, and parable (Genesis, Ovid, Grimm's fairy tales, Biblical parables), and then trace the rise of compound narratives built upon such forms (Boccaccio), including more complex modern narratives that return to the simple forms (Coover, Flannery O'Connor, Kafka). The second section of the course will deal with the Romance and Picaresque traditions (Longus, Lazarillo de Tormes) and postmodern narrative in these traditions (Charles Johnson, Calvino). The course will conclude with a study of the novel and the problematics of Realism (Fielding, Goethe, Dickens, Robbe-Grillet).