Women & Literature: The Anecdotal Woman H. Al-Samman 1:00-2:15 MW BH 015 *Carries Cultural Studies and AHLA Credit* This course explores the relationship between the novel as a genre and as a means of expressing a "novel" female self. The desire for narration and the desire for self-assertion come to represent the intertwining of gender and genre. What possesses women to tell stories? And when they do, do they tell them differently from their male counterparts? Our examination will cover a wide array of Western and Eastern women narrators starting from the legendary Shahrazâd and ending with modern female writers of science fiction. Through close readings of novels by Kate Chopin, Anglea Carter, Maxine Kingston, Marguerite Duras, Ethel Phelps, Octavia butler, Virginia Woolf, Hélèn Cixous, Toni Morrison, Marilynne Robinson, Ghada Al-Samman, and Nawal El Saddawi, we will examine the various genres that women authors have consistently utilized and created such as fantasy, autobiography, travel, and science fiction. Requirements: Two papers--a mid-term paper (4-5 pages) and a longer final research paper (5-10 pages). All works will be read in English, there are no course prerequisites.