Contemporary Theoretical Issues and Approaches Topic: Vital Interplay: Literature, Culture, Theory Prof. Hoesterey TR 4:00-5:15 BH 321 The product of value we make in the humanities is discourse of a particular kind: new values, new ideas (Hillis Miller). How will the humanities matter in the new millennium? Our seminar discussions will explore certain clusters such as: 1. Intertextuality of cultural discourses, the world as text, literature as system 2. Literature in the age of globalization and the lure of cyberspace; writing as the Other, writing as cultural critique; the chaos function of the literary text (muller) 3. A case for a sensuous experience of the literary text (Anz, Barthes); "construction" of the author (Barthes, Foucault, Lukacs, Rushdie) 4. Figures of end-century thought: allegory, the hybrid text, traveling theory Grade requirements: 1 oral presentation, 1 research paper (overlap possible). Course packet available at Collegiate Copies, approx. January 12, 1999.