Apocalypse Culture in Art, Film, & Literature Prof. Brottman TR 9:30-10:45 BH 134 This course will study the different ways in which art, film and literature have responded to the threat of apocalypse. It will analyses fantasies of devastation, revelation, epiphany and calamity, looking at some of the ways in which the end of the world has been depicted by various cults and cultures, philosophies and theologies. Through a study of its manifestations in film, music, art, literature and television, we will attempt to understand why the apocalypse is inevitable associated with paranoia, secret societies, conspiracy theories, the third millennium, Biblical prophecies and the Second Coming. Topics covered will include The Book of Revelations, apocalypse cinema, "Aesthetic Terrorism", cults and sects, nihilism, "fusion paranoia", UFO cults, contemporary legends and cosmic visions.