Cognitive Science | Seminar: Neural Basis of Sensation, Perception and Cognition
Q700 | 1004 | Busey

The first part of this course provides a strong grounding in the
basic neuroanatomy and neurophysiology of the visual system.
Correlations will be made between current biological models of human
visual processing and the underlying ‘wetware’ that supports such
functions. The goal of the course is to integrate neural and
cognitive approaches to the problem of vision.  The second half of
the course will be devoted to the neurological data relevant to
complex visual tasks such as object and face recognition, visual
search and perception/action. The course is appropriate for graduate
students (and perhaps strong undergraduates) in Psychology, Neural
Science, Optometry, Computer Science, and any other Cognitive Science
discipline.  Performance will be based on in-class discussion and a
final project. The course will not be taught again until 2001.