Economics | The Economics of Labor Markets
E341 | 1643 | Kniesner

In E341 we study the theoretical and empirical tools of modern
economics as they apply to labor markets with the objective of
increasing your understanding of important social issues such as
poverty, discrimination, job safety, and unemployment.  Our time
together is designed to provide you with a set of intellectual tools
that will be useful in thinking about current events during the
semester and in your later life.  The course emphasizes issues of
particular interest to private sector firms and government
policymakers with examples from the instructor's personal experiences
during the time he has worked at Eli Lilly and at the President's
Council of Economics Advisors.

Within each topic we study we will first develop a conceptual
framework and then use it to expand your understanding of the
relationship among workers and their economic environment.  Some of
the insights you gain will be important in their own right and others
will provide you with a clearer understanding of government policy.
We will also surround each topic with a discussion for the empirical
content of our economic models with enriches the insights that labor
economics can bring to the process of formulating and implementing
government policy designed to improve worker well being.