Education | Topical Seminar in Reading: Topic: Narrative and Metaphor
L750 | 5449 | Pugh, S.

Meets 4:00-6:45, Wednesday, room 3004.  In this seminar, we will explore the
concepts of metaphorical thinking, narrative knowledge, and critical
ethnography. Texts will include the following:

Sharon Pugh, Jean Hicks, Marcia Davis, and Tonya Venstra (1992). Bridging: A
Guide to Metaphorical Thinking. Urbana, IL: NCTE

Sharon Pugh, Jean Hicks, and Marcia Davis (1997). Metaphorical Ways of
Knowing: The
Imaginative Nature of Thought and Language. Urbana, IL: NCTE

Norman K. Denzin (1997). Interpretive Ethnography : Ethnographic Practices
for the 21st
Century. Thousand Oaks, Ca. : Sage Publications.
Phil F. Carspecken (1996). Critical Ethnography in Educational Research : A
and Practical Guide. New York : Routledge.

The first part of the seminar will be devoted to reading these and other
relevant writings and
discussing these topics:

1.The nature of metaphorical thinking
2.The role of metaphor in language and construction of knowledge
3.The nature of narrative
4.Narrative as a mode of human thought and understanding
5.Current issues in ethnography and ethnographic writing
6.Critical ethnography and social justice

In the second part of the semester we will look at dissertations and
on-going inquiry in education
utilizing modes of narrative inquiry.

The third part of the semester will be devoted to individual author studies
and seminar
presentations. Each participant will choose an author to read in depth and
prepare a critical review
of that author's works over time to share with the group. Authors may be
drawn from different
fields, including theorists, educators, ethnographers, essayists,
storytellers, etc. The criteria for
selection should be personal interest, relevance of the author to the topics
of the seminar, and a
substantial enough corpus by the author to permit in-depth study.