Education | Life Span Development
P314 | 5291 | Huber

School of Education, Indiana University
TR 8:00-9:15, ED 1120
Dr. Lesa Huber
856-8313, ext. 36902
Office Hours: 9:15-10:00 TR

Course Objectives:
To develop an understanding of development as it occurs across the lifespan.
To know the theories, current research, and applications of lifespan
To better understand how an individual, at any age, is related to the
family, work, and community.
To gain uncreased awareness of self throughout the life cycle.

General class participation.  This includes regular attendance, active
interest, and contributions to class discussions from your reading and
experience.  Five random pop quizzes or in-class assignments will be given,
and each will be worth 30 points toward your grade.	
150 points

Tests.  Five tests, 130 points each.
650 points

Group project.  One in-class presentation on a theorist or theory.
100 points

One one-page paper on a lifestyle change made this semester as a result of
research or other material presented in class. Due April 22.

One two-page paper on a topic of interest to you that is  mentioned in class
or in the text.  List a minimum of two references.  Due April 22.
100 points

Total points: 1000 points

Bee, H. (1997). Lifespan Development. New York, NY: HarperCollins College

Readings on reserve in Ed Library