English | Structure of Modern English
G302 | 1913 | Huntsman

9:30a-10:45a TR (70) 3 cr.


G302 is an intermediate course in the formal study of the English
language. Designed with the needs of American public school
teachers in mind, the course will comprise five major areas: an
investigation of language in a wide variety of actual social uses, a
brief history of the formal study of language in Western Europe,
psycholinguistics, transformational-generative grammar, and
sociolinguistics. In each of these areas, particular attention will be
paid to the attitudes that underlie the theory of language and the
attitudes that teachers may bring to their instruction of language.
Despite the aim of a formal understanding of language, the
pedagogical approach will be a very practical one, with an
emphasis on language use in real situations. We will also look at
ancillary tools useful for the teaching of language in high school.
Formal requirements will include at least two examinations,
written in-class and out-of-class exercises, quizzes, and some small
projects. Daily attendance is a necessity.

A list of the texts for the course has not been determined yet but
will be available later in the fall. (Email: HUNTSMAN, phone
339-4855 or 855-6438).