English | Topics in English and American Literature and Culture
L208 | 1876 | Kilgore

9:30a-10:45a TR (30) 3 cr.

The primary work of this class will be the reading of literature
written by African Americans in the years since the Harlem
Renaissance. We will focus our attention on the ways in which
writers such as Hurston, Baldwin, Himes, and Morrison have
imagined the worlds African Americans inhabit and the ways in
which race, gender, and class inflect character and narrative. In our
thinking and discussion during the semester particular care will be
taken to examine the link between the political and social realities
that form the substance of these novels and the ways in which that
substance is imagined as story. In other words we will try to
develop a reading of the connection between the literary
imagination and politics within the tradition of African American