English | Literature of the Bible
L367 | 1896 | Williams

2:30p-3:20p MWF (30) 3 cr.

In addition to its status as a holy book and as a source for three
major world religions, the Bible is a literary work in its own right.
This course approaches the Bible along literary lines, asking the
questions: how do biblical texts work? what claims do they make
upon their readers? in what way do biblical texts use techniques
with which we are familiar from other works of literature? Students
will become familiar with a variety of biblical genres, including
history, prophecy, wisdom literature, gospel and apocalypse. The
course will also serve as an introduction to the relatively new
discipline of "The Bible as Literature," through its inclusion of a
wide variety of critical readings on biblical texts and problems. We
will also consider some of the history of the Biblical interpretation,
including the Jewish technique of Midrash, early Christian
allegorical readings, and the counter-interpretations of the
Gnostics. Evaluation will depend upon three papers and two
exams, along with a few smaller assignments. Texts:
HARPERCOLLINS STUDY BIBLE and  photocopied essays.