English | Feminist Literary and Cultural Criticsm
L389 | 1901 | Brady

1:00p-2:15p TR (30) 3 cr.

This course will focus on Latina feminist and cultural criticism. In
general we will examine various kinds of cultural production and
then look at the feminist critiques that have emerged around or
focused upon this cultural production. We will begin with the
historical antecedents to contemporary Chicana feminism -- the
testimonios, or memoirs, written by 19th century women critical of
what they saw as Anglo American imperialism and expansionism.
Alongside these texts we will read contemporary feminist critiques
of these testimonios. We will then look at more recent examples of
the testimonio form including the work of Rigoberta Menchz and
Norma Cantz, as well as the contemporary critical responses to
them. In addition to the testimonio form we will look at other
forms of cultural production, including the music of Lydia
Mendoza, as an antecedent to more recent Latina cultural
production, including the work of Selena, La India, and Tish
Hinojosa. In addition to music we will explore the literary
production of writers who identify as feminists, including Cherrme
Moraga, HelenaViramontes, Montserrat Fontes, Pat Mora, and
Patricia Preciado Martin. In turn we will read feminist critical
interpretations of these writers, including essays by Chela
Sandoval, Norma Alarcsn, Laura Perez, and Yvonne
Yarbro-Bejarano. In the final segment of the course we will look at
recent films and art by a variety of artists including the
experimental work of Salome Espaqa and the critical work of Rosa
Linda Fregoso. Requirements for the course will include two
exams and several short papers.