English | Introductory Creative Writing
W103 | 1803 | Miller A

3:35p-4:25p M (144) 3 cr.

Discussion sections:
1804 9:05a-9:55a WF (18)
1805 10:10a-11:00a WF (18)
1806 11:15a-12:05p WF (18)
1807 12:20p-1:10p WF (18)
1808 1:25p-2:15p WF (18)
1809 2:30p-3:20p WF (18)
1810 2:30p-3:20p WF (18)
1811 3:35p-4:25p WF (18)

W103 is an introduction to literary creative writing. It is a
demanding and exciting course, and you can expect a lot of reading
and writing over the semester. You will write your own poems and
stories for evaluation and consideration by peers and associate
instructors in small discussion sections, and attend weekly lectures
on elements of poetry and fiction given by the senior instructor.
The lectures and sections work in concert with each other. Regular
attendance and active participation are mandatory.

Creative writing is a serious and challenging discipline like any
other--art, music, painting, science, or math--and requires
commitment, patience, and practice. You will be evaluated on both
the quantity and quality of regularly assigned creative work, scores
on quizzes and two exams (one in poetry and one in fiction), as
well as regular attendance and active participation in both lectures
and sections.

We will use two anthologies, one in fiction and one in poetry, as
our texts. In addition, your associate instructor is free to assign
other readings.