French And Italian | Contemporary France: Film & Culture
F311 | 2283 | Berkvam

Taught in English, this course concentrates on the major
political, social, historical and cultural developments of France
since 1940.  A brief historical overview of France in the
twentieth century will be presented during the first week.
French historical and cultural developments will be presented
through lectures, slides and videotapes.  Special emphasis
on the history and development of Paris in the 20th century.
Final grades will be based on two examinations and four short
papers written on novels and short stories by the following
authors: Albert Camus, The Plague; Georges Conchon,
The Savage State; Georges Perrc, Things; Annie
Ernaux, A Frozen Woman and Marie Cardinal, The Words
to Say It.

In addition to the lectures, students are required to attend the
film series designed to illustrate various aspects of
contemporary France as they are presented in feature-length
movies.  Each film session will include an introduction of the
film and a follow-up discussion.

Note Honors Division Students: Students enrolling in
F311 through the Honors Division will meet for an additional hour
for that discussion, and will present an additional writing
project along with the regular examinations and papers.