French And Italian | Advanced Grammar and Composition I
F313 | 2286 | Houston

This course is the first of a two-course sequence devoted to a
comprehensive study of French grammar, intended to sharpen and
expand students' command of the language, with regard to both
grammar and vocabulary.  In order to combat the very normal
tendency to say or write only what one already knows how to
express, translation is used extensively in this course to expand
communicative possibilities.  Flexibility of expression, nuance,
levels of usage, and increased vocabulary are among the concerns
of the course.  In addition to the systematic study of grammar,
five readings drawn from modern short fiction are studied for
their linguistic interest. In addition to written exercises,
quizzes, and class work, there will be two one-hour exams and a
comprehensive final.

Required textbooks: Harper's Grammar of French and
Readings and Lessons to Accompany Harper's Grammar of
French.  Students are expected to own or have access to a
good, desk-size French dictionary  (such as Dictionnaire du
français Larousse or Le Petit Robert) and a
good French-English/English-French dictionary (such as