French And Italian | Conversational Practice
F316 | 2289 | Hinds

This course focuses on the development of speaking and listening
skills.  Students will learn to carry out a number of
communicative tasks, such as asking for information, expressing
opinions, giving advice, etc., while discussing a variety of
topics, such as personal history, every day activities, personal
interests, and current events.  Other goals include helping
students recognize and, to a certain extent, use appropriate
registers and styles of spoken French.  The course also aims to
foster an understanding of France and French society and some
awareness of issues in other French-speaking countries and
regions.  Materials will include newspaper and magazine articles,
video and audio samples, songs, and movies.  Each of the sections
meets daily, Monday through Friday; thus, daily participation is
required.  The course grade is based on the following:  class
participation, oral presentations and debates, and midterm and
final examinations in an interview format.  There will also be
non-graded exercises in pronunciation and listening
comprehension.  Prerequisite: F250 or the equivalent.