French And Italian | La France contemporaine: Cinema & Culture
F461 | 2297 | Berkvam

Taught in French, this course focuses on France since 1940.  A
brief historical overview of France in the twentieth century will
be presented during the first week.  Special emphasis is placed
on the socio-political developments of France along with
developments in the arts, architecture, France in the world and
the evolution of the city of Paris.  In all, this course is
designed to present students with an in-depth knowledge of
current issues and developments in France during the past 50
years.  In addition to two exams, students will read three recent
French novels and write short papers on them: Roger Vailland,
325,000 francs; Albert Camus, La Peste, George
Perec, Les Choses, Annie Ernaux, Le Femme
gelée, Marie Darrieussecq, Naissance des
fantômes.  The course will be taught entirely
in French with all exams, discussions and written work in French.

In addition to the lectures, students are required to attend the
film series designed to illustrate various aspects of
contemporary France as they are presented in feature-length
French movies.

Each film session will include an introduction of the film and a
follow-up discussion: René Clément, Les Jeux
interdits; Claude Berri, Uranus; Jean-Jacques
Annaux, Indochine; Brigitte Rouan, Outremer;
François Truffaut, Les Quatre cents coups and
L'Amour en fuite; Jean-Luc Godard,
Masculin-Féminin and Weekend; Louis
Malle, Milou en mai; Agnes Varda, Sans toit ni
loi and L'Une chante, l'autre pas; Claire Denis,
Chocolat; Eric Rochant, Monde sans
pitié; Josiane Balasko, Le Gazon maudit.