French And Italian | Methods of College French Teaching
F573 | 2310 | Phillippe

This course will provide an overview of approaches to foreign
language teaching and the theory and research underlying current
trends. F573 has three primary objectives:  1) to acquaint
students with theory, issues, and research in foreign language
teaching;  2) to show ways of using that research to achieve more
effective classroom teaching and testing; and 3) to develop
students' skills in evaluating teaching performance (their own
and others') and instructional materials.

Course texts will include Lee and VanPatten (1995) Making
Communicative Language Teaching Happen and Lightbrown and
Spada 1993) How Languages Are Learned, as well as
additional readings.  Class meetings will be devoted to
discussion, short presentations, and demonstrations by students
and instructor. A variety of assignments, short projects, and a
final examination will be required.  This course is required of
Associate Instructors in French and is open to all interested