French And Italian | Studies in 19th-century French Poetry
F640 | 2314 | Mickel

The focus of this course will be to analyze the aesthetic
principles and ideas that underlie the painting and literature of
nineteenth-century France.  To do so we shall read in the works
of such important writers and painters as Chateaubriand, Hugo,
Baudelaire, Delacroix, Gautier, Degas, Huysmans, Zola, Courbet,
Fromentin, Flaubert, etc.  Before considering the aesthetic of
such movements as Romanticism, Impressionism, Art for Art's sake
and Decadence, we shall explore the foundations of classical art
to which the various movements are related by practice and theory
especially the changing role of imagination from earliest times,
and the change in practice within and outside of the

The class will meet twice a week.  I have not decided about a
final examination, but students will be responsible for a term
paper that they will present to the class (between ten and
fifteen pages).  The first forty-five minutes of class will be
lecture and questions, the second part will include slides of
paintings from the 17th to the 20th centuries that illustrate the
aesthetic principles and practices being analyzed.