French And Italian | Concepts of Justice in Modern Italian Literature
M625 | 2347 | Ciccarelli

In this course we will focus on some of the major authors of 19th
and 20th century Italian literature, focusing on its meditation
upon the concept of justice, and how this meditation relates to
its aesthetic development.  We will begin with Foscolo's novel
Ultime lettere di Jacopo Ortis (1802 and 1816) and
Manzoni's tragedy Adelchi (1822), to discuss the roots
of historical pessimism inherited by early 19th century Italian
authors.  We will then analyze works by Verga, Pirandello,
Aleramo, Silone, Sciascia, Bassani and others, in light of the
amplification and transformation of the deeply pessimistic
ideology which characterized Italian Romanticism, in order to
verify its survival in the many inner rivers of modernity.
Classes will be held in Italian.